Selasa, 12 Agustus 2014

Gorgon City - Ready For Your Love (Radio 1's Big Weekend 2014)

This! Truly in LOVE with this song, Gorgon City also MNEK!
Ah.. He's so definitely cute with that short and Peci thing.
Whoaa! Lotta Love <3<3<3

Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

Lana Del Rey Live at Glastonbury 2014

Take a look at Lana at Glastonbury 2014!
She like exhausted, not so energetic, but yea.. still pretty!
Its kinda bother me when she hold a cigar, o Lana.. Its not cool enough huhu.
Overall, the odd thing that she brought, impress me until now! She is one of singer who have a whole packages. Lotta Love <3<3


Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

Living Your Life With Code!

Dear fellas, how are you?!
I hope its good, better than before he he.

This time i wanna share something good.
Go visit this site !

Now Google provide us (girls) to learn about code or codding thing. Well, for me code, it such a wonderful thing to know, especially when i started write down my final assignment hoho they have no relation actually :s

My fellow friend told me than codding wasn't easy. O yeah, i ever faced him when designing my blog. Wuff, what a ....

Suddenly i realize (when opened this, codding is going bigger than i thought. Go check out another invention from Google! 

Psst.. Dont forget to see lotta inspiring video there. Truly inspired!


Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Throwback Momment Part 1

Aloha everybody!!

Its been a looooong time im not blogging, since i've been taking care of my final assignment (call it; skripsi). Allright, i wanna show you something very special, it called "Throwback Momment".

This is my first time work as volunteer, and… it was awesome! Search me at Twitter with #AN.
Indonesia Fashion Week is an annually program which held every year, since 2011. This year, IFW having such a serious theme; “The Biggest Fashion Movement”, “Go Green Campaign” featuring … into a new level. Cool right?!

Not only Indonesian Fashion Designer, IFW also bring some international designer; Said Mahrof from Morocco, and my favorite Steven Tach from Japan. From Indonesia itself, IFW brought lot of designer into this event. You can name it, fellas! 

As a socmed worker during this event, I have to be more attractive than before. For the biggest opportunity ever was ...... interviewed lotta designers!!! Gosh, i cant stop smiling hoho. One of designer is Lenny Agustin. For IFW this year, she brought Madura as a theme. The Karapan Sapi, Madura’s Batik, the man’s cloth, also their culture, with a girly thing of course. Lenny Agustin used a natural color also poly for her collection.