Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Gay Guy

Selamat hari minggu, semoga keberuntungan menghampiri kamu :D

Weew, akhirnya... Abang-abang mood menghampiri setelah sekian lama tidak memposting di amaulidta[at]blogspot[dot]com, GOD!

Kali ini gue mau sedikit (banyak) cerita tentang topik yang sedang gue gandrungi beberapa semester terakhir hoho. Yes! LGBT Things. But this time, i wanna share something about the G(ay) first. This “Gay thing” was spinning in my head for sooo long. It was really interesting! Speak about how they live their life as a minority, their realitionship, and so on.

What i get from those Gay guys is they are exactly same with us, feeling guilty, happy, sad, broken hearted, fallin in love... and what is the differences? Their faith, believes about sexual which contradiction with the religion and norms. They are attracted to people of his own gender.