Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

I've heard... they called 'a thing' with Sin.

Are You people something like God?

So you can judge, blame, even curse others?

We are Human, pal.

Do Not act Like a bitch, please. It's irritating, really!

O yea, a couple days ago i have had a problem with...... I don't know whats exactly my fault is. I'm trying to let this problem go, but it comes around, until now. But, i wont let my heart down HAHA so i hold onto silly, absurd thing.

After 'that day', my Boyf was mad at me. I'm Sleepy Head, i fell asleep in way we back home. Than, he choose to be silent. What the Heck! Yea, this is not the first time, he fucked up i thought.
I do apologize.
Yea, This... Is Live.
Fortunately i found stack of bread, belcube, schoko, milk and friends. Fatties, I'm Coming!! HAHAHAHA XD

Cheese Spread
Starving ;D

Stack of bread, cheese and friend
Dips & Spread


Ah what a shame... I write something, which is smell like junk. So Sorry my dearest friend, for irritating your eyes also your mind ;D

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