Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011


Heihoo fellas today i wanna introduce my self, this is lil' a bit important hahaha for me actually, because i have no activity right now! So, i better share something stupid here :D

Name: Annisa Maulidta

Nickname: Aem, Nisa, jengkol, anus, pantat. (o God what a live! they call me anus, pantat, jengkol and so on padahal kan gue kece gilak gini -_____- nasip) ps: gue gak sukaaa banget dipanggil ica, sok imoedd man! i'm not that kinda of girl like that dear friend hehe.

Geek is my middle name. Dunno why but, in my opinion people who judge somebody else and named someone as a geek they're its the truly geek! Being Geek its not a sin, its funny when you doing something you like and loving something you love hehehe.

Born at Jakarta, September '92. As long as i live im proud to be Indonesian and im proud to be Muslim hehe. Live at Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, near from Jakarta but its far from Rawamangun where my college at.

Hobbies: waaaaw.. i cant explain, i have a lot of hobbies hahaha. But my favorite hobbies are listen to the music, sleeping, playing solitaire, digging treasure (re: ngupil), aaaaand kentut huahahahaha.

Jezz... suddenly im bored, this connection trully bad, aaaarghhh! well, thanks to you if you already read this unimportant thing ({}).

A with M

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