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The Increasing of Population Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in South East Asia. Indonesia which comprises of 17.508 islands, and the biggest one is Borneo. Indonesia has 33 provinces. With a population of around 238 million people, it is the world’s fourth most populous country, and has the world’s largest population of muslim. The rate of population growth in Indonesia has increased because many people believe that having a lot of children make them rich, free sex become a lifestyle, and the increasing number of facilities, qualities, and services in hospitals.

Firstly, many people believe that having a lot of children make them rich. Javanese people believe this. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or not, having a lot of children it’s a pride for them. When Suharto lead the country, many people have a lot of children because the cost of living is still cheap and food production is still in control. Indonesia has the largest population of muslim, so that they hold on to Islam’s rules. Islam forbid using birth control/family planning (keluarga berencana – Indonesia) with device, drugs or operation. Islam suggest and command to have a lot of children. Moreover using birth control such as device, drugs and surgery for control the birth causes forgetful, headache, spots at skin or face, impaired renal function, infection, bleeding and pregnancy could happen even using device. Since Indonesia has used birth control/family planning, the birth rate has dropped from 5.6 births per woman to 3.0 between 1971 and 1991.

Secondly, Indonesian people have similar culture with other Asians countries. Eastern culture were based on religious teaching, it’s very different from western cultures which based on materialism only. Indonesian people are very polite, religious, but over the time Indonesian people turn to follow western culture and forget their own culture. Many people in Indonesia think western culture is better than eastern culture, because they live freely, adopt liberalism, have no prohibition. In order that, psychological factors and the advancing of technology affecting Indonesian people. Example teenagers, they are very curious with anything especially sex. This is very natural and it would happen to all teenagers. Increasing proclivity in sex and having sex made them search far information about it and the advancement of technology is the greatest solution. Nowadays, having sex among adolescents it’s usual. Many people got married under 20 because they already have baby before marriage. They didn’t continue their schooling to take care of baby. They still dependent on their parents, because they dont work. This new social trend was causes of population explosion in Indonesia.

Thirdly, Indonesian hospital made some progress especially in facilities, qualities, and services. Nowadays, public has been aware about the importance of health. They trusted to check them up in hospital, so that the number of death decreased. People have concerns about surviving daily living. They need food, water and housing. Formerly, access to safe drinking water was related to the incidence of epidemic diseases such as cholera and child survival. Before 1990’s less than 50% of the population had access to safe drinking water. More than half of the developing world's population will be living in urban areas by the end of the century. This growth outstrips the capacity to provide housing and services for others. Now, government trying to improve public health by getting rid of poverty, ending malnutrition, improving food supply, and providing adequate housing coincide at all points with those required for balanced population growth. The advances of medical technology help a lot of children's lives who could not survive from common diseases like measles or flu. People were able to fight and cure deadly germs that once killed them. Vaccinations and antibiotics could protect people from infectious. Progress in medical science has a great effect on the population of most nations of the world. Because of improved health and medical knowledge and because of better health and medical practices, disease was less and the death rate was decrease.

In conclusion, population in Indonesia has increased every year. Escalation population in Indonesia is caused by the belief that having a lot of children make people rich, the condition where free sex become a lifestyle and the increasing number of facilities, qualities, and services in hospitals. Population explosion in Indonesia can be controlled if the government pays much attention and takes this case seriously.


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