Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Hella morning!

Today i come to unj earlier. Wearing pantofel, polo shirt, lace cardigan, grey jegging and also my purple bag. Sounds creepy, huh?! But i feelin good today. Anyone care? Nope hahahaha.
As usual, i go to warbun (warung kebun). I wanna eat something this morning as my breakfast. So i order hot tea and sandwich (i suppose to call this dish as sandwich, because sounds elegant huahahaha). I wondering, i’ll be the hottest slut in this fuckin campus 
Im feelin bad now, its because i knew many friendsof mine will not entered KBT’s class. Gah! I hate this feelin! Wish this feelin not ruined my day. Honestly, i dont want to go to campus this day. I must take a rest, im sick, im sick of me.
O gosh... i have a work to do. IAD observation must be finished today. Well fellas, have a nice day hope you will not come earlier like me, because its ridiculous hihi. Ciao!

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